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Construction Procurement Documentation

If you have questions regarding Industry Standard Practices, please contact the Industry Standard Practices Consultant, Katy Fairley.

A summary of just about anything you would like to know on how to find information on construction procurement guidelines and standard documents in British Columbia.

Additional resources to the BC Government’s Capital Asset Management Framework (CAMF) – A guide for the planning, implementation, operation, and disposal of capital assets in the BC public sector.

Link to the BCDC 2 Standard Documents and Guidelines for a Stipulated Price Bid on Publicly Funded Building Projects with CCDC 2.

Canadian Construction Documents Committee Standard Documents (information and updates to electronic documents).

BCCA’S recommended guidelines supplement those of the Canadian Design Build Institute’s, Design Build Manual and the requirements as set out under CCDC 14 and 15.

BCCA Recommended Guidelines for Construction Management

For a guideline to the use of Construction Management refer to the CCA 26 A Guide to the Construction Management Project Delivery Method (available through one of the 4 Regional Construction Associations in BC)

These guidelines define the varying methods which an Owner may choose to use when planning a project, and outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

BCCA and its regional associations recognize the need for pre-qualification in limited circumstances. Generally, the ability of the Contractor to secure the necessary bonds is the sole criteria by which Contractors should be pre-qualified.

The purpose of the document is to recommend standard procedures to facilitate the closing stages of a construction contract and the close-out of the project.

BCCA’s recommended guidelines for mandatory site visits.

A sample format for an Invitation To Tender with recommended language for specifying the requirements of Bid Depository – specifying the what, where and when for closing of Bid Depository.

BCCA supports the principles of private/public partnership for procurement or provision of public infrastructure, as long as acceptable standards of practice relating to the competition process are maintained.

Link to Public Construction Council of BC’s list of Industry Standard Documents. Most documents are available at the Regional Construction Association offices throughout BC.

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