BCCA Official News Releases

BCCA warns the public and contractors of unacceptable levels of risk following the explicit removal of “Contract A” by many public owners

BC Construction Association job board addresses the challenge of severe workforce shortages

LNG Canada renews the Trades Training and CONNECT programs
administered by the BC Construction Association

Lack of payment certainty and workforce shortages continue to worry employers.

Celebrating the talent, expertise and experience BC’s construction and skilled tradespeople are sharing with the next generation.

BCCA distributes Apprenticeship Services program funds ahead of schedule, exceeding targets

Statistics reported in the Fall 2023 BC Construction Association (BCCA) Industry Stat Pack, combined with findings from an economic and policy report published today by the organization, show an industry in dire need of relief in the form of immediate legislative reform.

Over 700 employers and 1300 first year apprentices benefit at a critical time for BC’s construction industry